Standard Limits

The following tables show the limits that apply to WorqDB. These are hard limits unless otherwise noted.

Database Limits

Maximum number of databases per project50 (You can contact support to request an increase.)

Collections, Documents, and Fields Limits

Constraints on collection IDs
  • Must be valid UTF-8 characters
  • Must be no longer than 1,500 bytes
  • Cannot contain a forward slash (/)
  • Cannot solely consist of a single period (.) or double periods (..)
  • Cannot match the regular expression _ _ . * _ _
Maximum depth of fields in a map or array20
We do not keep a track on the Constraints when creating the Documents to make sure we can provide ~100ms speeds when handling large values through atomicity, however, this might lead to issues later on when working on the fetch functions, so make sure your Collections follow these processes.

Export and Import Limits

Maximum total number of both export and import requests for a project allowed per minute20
Maximum number of concurrent exports and imports50