ImageCon V2 is a powerful AI model that generates images based on provided parameters. It is a smaller image model that can generate squares of up to 512px and rectangles of up to 768px on the longest side. It is faster and suitable for most use cases.

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orientationStringThe orientation of the image. Options: Landscape, Portrait, Square.Square
image_styleStringThe style of the image.“default”
output_typeStringThe output type of the image. Options: url, blob. url returns the Cloud Hosted Link to the Image, blob returns the Base64 Image.url
promptArrayThe prompts for the image generation. This is a required parameter.-

Initialize AI Modules

const worqhat = require('worqhat');

var config = new worqhat.Configuration({
    apiKey: "your-api-key",
    debug: true,
    max_retries: 3,


let ai =;


    orientation: "square",
    image_style: "artistic",
    output_type: "url",
    prompt: [
        "A dog walking in a beach"
}).then((response) => {
}).catch((error) => {

Generate Images from Text using Image Gen Model V2

Generate Images from Text using Image Gen Model V2